Soil Stabilization

The soil quality beneath the surface determines the quality and longevity of the pavement. If the soil layer is too weak to support the pavement above, we implement soil stabilization techniques to strengthen it, allowing the new soil layer to withstand more weight and pressure for a longer period.

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The Process

Soil Assessment & Testing

We collect samples to test the soil’s composition and strength. The results show us what stabilization techniques are needed.

Stabilization Treatment

We offer two soil stabilization treatments:

  1. Compaction: We compress the soil to increase its density.
  2. Grading and Slope Adjustments: We modify the soil’s slope or grade to improve water drainage.

Quality Control

We schedule routine soil checks to ensure the stabilization job worked.

Key Benefits

Improved Soil Strength

Erosion Prevention

Increased Pavement Durability

Enhanced Stability

Prolonged Pavement Lifespan

Reduced Maintenance and Repairs

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