Milling & Reclamation

What Is Milling?

Asphalt surfaces undergo wear and damage over time. Instead of removing all of the existing asphalt, opt for milling, which only removes a few inches from the top. This process is quicker, more affordable, and causes fewer disruptions than a full replacement.

The Process


We remove any obstructions, clean the surface of the asphalt, and assess the condition of the existing pavement.


We use specialized equipment to extract the top layer of asphalt, which involves grinding the material so it can be reused for the new layer.

Surface Repair

We repair any damage sustained by the subgrade, which is the layer directly beneath the asphalt surface.


We apply the new layer of asphalt to the subgrade, smoothing and compressing it to create an even surface.

Finishing & Marking

We apply any finishing touches that are needed, which may include line striping or road markings.

By resurfacing only the top layer, rather than completely reconstructing the road or pavement, this approach can be more cost-effective and less disruptive to traffic. It extends the life of the pavement and provides a smoother driving surface.

What Is Reclamation?

Reclamation takes the existing subgrade and makes it new. Thanks to a stronger foundation beneath the surface, the new asphalt layer will last longer. This process is good for your pavement and your wallet.

The Process

Grind & Blend

We grind and mix the subgrade material to strengthen the foundation.

Key Benefits

Leading Causes of Pavement Deterioration

The following factors cause pavements to deteriorate over time:

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