Drainage & Utilities

Don’t just pay attention to what’s on the surface of your pavement; what lies beneath is just as important. If your drainage and utility system is inefficient or damaged, the pavement will suffer. We keep water flowing through these systems so it doesn’t rise to the surface and cause costly problems.

Let’s discuss how our drainage and utility services will maximize the lifespan of your paved surface and save you money.

The Process

Planning & Design

We evaluate water movement patterns, your utility infrastructure, your property’s layout, and more to create a customized drainage solution.

Excavation & Installation

We dig up the existing pavement and underlying soil and dig trenches to install new drainage and utility lines.

Backfilling & Restoration

We install a new pavement that will keep the new drainage and utility lines intact.

Key Benefits

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We serve clients throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. Wherever you are, we’ll come to you. We’ll meet your needs right the first time. Carolina Asphalt is the trusted name for reliable maintenance, repair, and installation services near you.

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