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Carolina Asphalt is the trusted name for asphalt and concrete solutions in North Carolina and South Carolina. Get started today with a free quote for your property.

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From pavement maintenance and repairs to full rehabilitation, we do it all so you can focus on other aspects of your business.  Browse the options below to find the service that’s right for you.

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Carolina Asphalt is a leader of asphalt and concrete maintenance, repair and rehabilitation companies in the Carolinas.  We pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service from start to finish.  We believe that communication, trust and dependability are vital in building long- lasting relationships with our clients.

With over 40 years experience, our entire Sales and Production teams bring unmatched knowledge and expertise to every project.  Our team is trained to exceed our client’s expectations and deliver top quality in every aspect of our work.  

As a fully licensed and insured contractor, our clients can have peace of mind knowing they are working with a reputable and dependable partner.  We take pride in self performing over 95% of our work.  

Carolina Asphalt wants to be your contractor of choice for all your pavement needs.

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The Carolina Asphalt Paving Experience

Carolina Asphalt is home to seasoned paving professionals who are committed to innovation, eco-friendly practices, and customer satisfaction. We have the skills and experience required to make your pavement dreams a reality. Here’s how we do it:

The Estimate

We’ll conduct a thorough assessment of your property and take measurements.

The Breakdown

We’ll draft a proposal that outlines a step-by-step action plan.

The Contract

You’ll sign a contract and we’ll start working once the proposal is approved.

The Project

We’ll carefully monitor progress from start to finish to maximize productivity.

The Finish Line

We’ll provide you with updates along the way to make sure you know the status of your project and are aware of any changes.

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We serve clients throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. Wherever you are, we’ll come to you. We’ll meet your needs right the first time. Carolina Asphalt is the trusted name for reliable maintenance, repair, and installation services near you.

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