Safety Features

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No paved surface is safe without features like speed bumps, road signs, and more. These signs and structures let drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians know about potential obstructions or hazards, reducing the risk of an accident occurring on your watch.

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Our Safety Features

Textured or Slip-Resistant Surfaces

Textured and slip-resistant materials provide better traction, reducing the likelihood of slips and skids.

Speed Bumps and Humps

Speed bumps and humps protect pedestrians from oncoming traffic by slowing down traffic in parking lots, parking garages, and other high-traffic areas.

Curb Ramps

Curb ramps make the space between sidewalks and roads or parking lots safer to navigate by foot. They also increase accessibility in public places for people with disabilities.


These short, durable posts keep drivers from encroaching upon areas designated for pedestrian use only.

Road Signs

Road signs communicate things like speed limits, upcoming hazards, and directions to drivers, making it easier and safer to navigate roads.

The Process

Safety Assessment

We craft a detailed safety plan that recommends safety features based on high-risk areas, potential hazards, and traffic patterns.

Install & Implement

We implement the recommended safety features to enhance your property’s safety.

Maintain & Evaluate

We keep tabs on your property to make sure the safety features remain in good condition and are effective. We’ll adjust, add, or remove any features as needed.

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