Four Ways To Professionally Remove Pavement Striping & Markings

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Asphalt pavement experts are frequently required to remove existing pavement markings before applying new ones. For instance, to adjust traffic flows or modify parking spaces.

Four methods can be used to remove pavement striping and markings; the one selected by your asphalt pavement expert will depend on the job’s scope, time requirements, and desired aesthetic of the asphalt after removal.

In this blog post, DH Striping will look at the most common methods used by asphalt pavement experts to remove pavement markings.

Method #1: Scarifying

Scarifying is the most popular procedure for removing pavement markings. This method employs a machine equipped with a spinning wheel of metal cutters, which rotates vertically.

These machines are adjustable so that they don’t remove too much asphalt but rather a thin layer of it. Instead of a pristine finish, this results in a textured “ghost line.”

The procedure is typically used for jobs that have tight deadlines, don’t require an aesthetically ideal outcome, and cannot produce large quantities of debris.

Method #2: Blasting

Almost any material can be put under pressure and pointed towards a surface to remove its outer layer. The two most common methods for eliminating marks on asphalt pavement are sand and water, both highly effective.

Sandblasting is the less expensive option, but it creates a lot of dust in the air, making it unsuitable for places that must stay open to high-volume foot activity. In addition, sand must usually be removed from the site and properly disposed of; therefore, time for clean-up must be included when considering how long the operation will take.

Hydro-blasting operates on the same principles as sandblasting, but with water instead of sand. The water is delivered in fine and sharp jets under extremely high pressure. These water “needles” are particularly good at removing marks without harming the asphalt.

DH Striping offers high-quality hydro-blasting services for transportation agencies, airports, road builders, and municipalities throughout Tampa, FL.

Method #3: Chemical Solvents

Chemical solvents can be used to remove pavement markings, but they can dissolve sealcoating and asphalt. As a result, solvents are rarely used to erase marks from asphalt pavement. Only a skilled asphalt contractor familiar with the use of solvents in various applications can evaluate if they should be used to erase pavement markings.

A pavement maintenance plan is essential to keep you on schedule with routine maintenance and guarantees that the task is done the first time correctly without worrying about missed appointments or delays caused by dire weather circumstances such as rainstorms, snowstorms, and so on. A pavement care plan can also help you save money in the long run by extending the life of your property.

Want to get your pavement markings and striping removed by professionals? Look no further than the experts at DH Striping, where you can avail of our hydro blasting services throughout Tampa, FL.

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