Asphalt Sealcoating

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Meets Performance Standards & Federal Specification

Sealcoating is the process of applying a protective sealer over an entire asphalt surface to delay the aging process of a structurally sound parking lot. While sealcoating is not a structural repair, it plays a significant role in the preservation of your parking lot by improving visual aesthetics, protecting the surface from oxidation and gas/oil spills, and extending the overall life and value of your parking lot.

Our standard sealcoat application is fortified with sand and a latex additive for increased durability. Our sealer not only meets the performance standards of ASTM D5727 and Federal Specification R-P-355E, but also meets the requirement of FAA Specification P627. Any cracked or failed areas will need to be repaired prior to sealcoating.

To be effective, sealer must be applied properly. Sealcoating should be done when ambient temperature is 50 degrees and rising for 10 consecutive days. Our sealcoating season usually begins around the first part of May and ends around Halloween.

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A Faster and More Efficient Process

In 2018 Carolina Asphalt added a Challenger MT665D Tractor and an FAE MTM-225 Shredder (see video above) to our IN-HOUSE paving equipment inventory to better serve our Full Depth Reclamation clients. Weighing in at a healthy 18.85 TONS this new member of our family will allow us to complete Full Depth Reclamation projects faster and more cost effectively saving you TIME & MONEY.

The Benefits of Full Depth Reclamation Asphalt Paving

According to a 2017 Technical Report from the National Concrete Pavement Technology Center, Full-Depth Reclamation has numerous benefits, including the following:

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Our Reviews

Great Communication & Professionalism
Project: Asphalt Repairs, Cracksealing, Sealcoating, Striping

"I want to let you and the gang at Carolina Asphalt know that we are very pleased with the work that has been done this year. Again, I just want to say thank you for the great lines of communication, the professionalism and everyone always being so friendly! I will certainly recommend Carolina Asphalt to anyone with asphalt needs! You guys ROCK!"

Stephanie N.

Charlotte, NC

Scheduling Done Well
Project: Concrete Curb/Gutter & Asphalt Repairs, Milling/Paving & Striping

"Carolina Asphalt is by far the best pavement company I have worked with! From the beginning, the staff was very kind and very attentive to our needs and the needs of our tenants. Scheduling was also done well, and I like that we were given constant schedule updates. I look forward to working with you all in the future!"

Kimberly L.

Charlotte, NC

A Wonderful Job, Wonderful to Work With
Project: Cracksealing, Sealcoating & Striping

"I want to thank you and your team at Carolina Asphalt for a wonderful job. The crew that was out here was wonderful to work with. The outcome is absolutely beautiful. It truly was a pleasure to have Carolina Asphalt do this project."

Kelly K.

Greenville, SC

Compliments from Onsite Management
Project: Concrete Curb/Gutter & Flatwork Repair, Asphalt Repairs, Milling/Paving, Full Depth Reclamation & Striping

"I want to commend the crew for an outstanding job at the recently completed paving project. The communication was superb, and the finished results received high compliments from onsite management. Please extend my thanks to the crew for a great job that they can all be proud of!"

Steve T.

Greenville, SC